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After a complete skin care analysis your skin care specialist will prescribe the care needed for vibrant, healthy skin.  Our facials are custom blended to achieve maximum benefit to your skin and help you achieve your personal goals for your complexion.  Repêchage skin care products  have been specifically formulated to nourish the skin from the surface.  The finest natural ingredients have been chosen to nourish a starved epidermis, slough away the dead cells and travel deeper to support and feed the dermis.  The esthetic staff is trained extensively in the French theory of Thalasso therapy.  Thalasso therapy is the use of concentrated seaweed extracts to stimulate all body functions and naturally beautify, and nourish the skin.

Why Seaweed?

Seaweed holds the powerful ingredients of seawater in a concentrated form that is highly compatible with human plasma.  Seaweed is enriched with the vitamins, minerals and trace elements, which are essential to the proliferation of healthy skin cells.  It also helps defend the skin against aging, protects against UV radiation, moisturizes, and treats acne.  Since 1980, Repêchage, meaning “to rescue” or “second chance,” has created a full range of nutrient-rich seaweed-based skincare products featured at top spas globally.

Facials & Customized Skin Care

VitaCura VC5 with Enzyme Peel
50 minutes- $150
Biolight Miracle Facial with Glyco-Sea Peel
50 minutes- $135
10-Step Four Layer Facial ®  with Deep Pore Cleansing
50 minutes- $125
Four Layer Facial
50 minutes- $100
Purifying Hydrating Seaweed Facial
50 minutes- $85
Hydra Medic Acne-Relief
75 minutes- $100
Series of 3 $240
Series of 6- $475
Hydra Dew
50 minutes- $90
Hydra 4 Facial
50 minutes- $85
Hydra Refine
50 minutes- $85
Purifying Back Facial
50 min for $85
Glyco Sea Glycolic Peel
25 minutes- $50
Series of 6- $225
Add on to any facial for only $40
Opti-firm Eye Contour Treatment
25 minutes- $55
Add to any facial for $45
Intensive, Terrific Lash and Brow Tint
25 minutes- $40 (lash)
25 minutes- $30 (brow)

Body Treatments

Professional body treatments are suggested for anyone interested in relieving tension, increasing circulation, revitalizing the skins texture or slimming down.

Repêchage Peppermint Sea Twist
Half body- $65
Full body- $105
Repêchage Seaweed Body Treatment
Full body – $100
Repêchage Honey Almond Body Polish
Full body – $85
Pomegranate Cran-Apple Body Scrub
Full body – $85
Repêchage Sea Spa Salt Glow
Full body – $98
Back Cleansing Treatment
25 minutes- $75
Ear Candling
50 minutes- $70


Dry Body Brushing   Add on to any massage or body treatment for just $20
Dry body brushing is a simple technique that stimulates blood and lymph flow, exfoliates the skin, and encourages new cell growth.  This is a great technique to add to any massage treatment to receive the benefits of a salt or a sugar scrub without the mess.  Takes just 5-10 minutes.  Body brushing helps our lymphatic drainage system to remove toxins from the body.  In doing so it helps to reduce cellulite in our thighs and hips where fats and waste products tend to accumulate.  Body brushing is not a miracle cure for cellulite, but it can help.