Hair Services

Haircut & Styling

Haircut & Blow Dry-Women                               $55+

Hair Cut & Blow Dry- Long- Women                $65+

Wet Cut                                                                   $45+

Men’s Haircut                                                         $35+

Children’s Haircut (8 & under wet-cut only)    $30+

Shampoo & Blow Dry                                            $42+

Shampoo & Blow Dry – Long                             $52+

Styling (Up-do)                                                      $90+

Bridal Up-do                                                       $120+

Flat Iron                                                   extra charge

Curling Iron only                                    extra charge

Shampoo & Conditioner Only                            $12+

Hair Extensions                       By Consultation Only

Haircut Coloring

Single Process                                                        $75+

INOA Ammonia Free Hair Color                            $90+

Semi-Permanent                                                  $65+

Glazing                                                                   $30+

Base Bump                                                               $40+

Foil High/Low lighting                              $6 per foil+

Balayage or Ombré
Price based on stylist consultation

Balayage and Ombré are the “Art of hair painting.” This is a modern approach to highlighting with less maintenance and without an obvious root. Strokes can be either subtle or have a bold effect.

Corrective Coloring
Price based on stylist consultation

For corrective color, it may take more than one visit to accomplish the desired result. Prices vary on degree of difficulty and client needs.

NEW X-Fusion Keratin Hair Fiber $15

Makes hair look thick and full in 30 seconds or less

Conditioning Treatments

Scalp & Hair Treatments

Powerful concentrates that clarify, deeply nourish, and protect the color, returning hair to a balanced state.

All conditioning treatments are customized to each client’s specific needs and desired results.                        $25-$60 per treatment

Smoothing Treatments


Variety of Keratin Treatments                             $275

Featuring Lasio, Brazilian Blowout & Cezanne

            Brazilian Blowout Split End Treatment              $90


Permanent                                                             $125+

Partial Permanent                                                $90+

Spiral Permanent                                                $175+

Specialty Permanent                                             $140+

Pre Treatment Services

Scalp Therapy                                                          $20

Fast relief from flaking and itching, soothes dry, irritated scalp and promotes a healthy scalp.

Hard Water Treatment                                           $20

Eliminates brassiness and discoloration, purifies and moisturizes, and restores volume and radiant shine.

Perm Partner                                                           $20

The perfect treatment for those getting a permanent! It ensures true-to-rod-size success saves time and prevents redos, and helps prevent scalp irritation.

Swimmers Treatment                                            $20

Removes chlorine, minerals and salts, restores shine a manageability, and is safe and gentle for all ages!

Weaves & Extensions                                             $20

The perfect treatment for those getting weaves or extensions! It preps hair for successful service, prevents hair breakage or shedding, and helps prevent scalp flaking and itching.

Color Prepare                                                           $20

The perfect pre-treatment for those getting color! It preps hair for color success, ensures better color coverage, and extends vibrancy with less fading.